Episode 16: Dividend Income Investing with Henry Mah

Simply Investing Dividend Podcast Episode 16 - Interview with Henry Mah of Salary for Life

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- How Henry got started in dividend investing
- Why Henry does not focus on capital appreciation
- ETFs didn't provide the income Henry could get from owning individual stocks
- Henry's focus on income rather than growth
- Typical holding period for owning dividend stocks
- Avoiding cyclical stocks
- Henry only wanted to invest in stocks that he could own forever
- Why Henry is not interested in owning term deposits or bonds
- Why stock markets don't effect his income at all
- What effect the financial crisis of 2008 had on his dividend income
- The importance of getting your kids to start investing early
- Educate yourself before you start investing
- Why you are not going to learn anything about investing if you only buy ETFs, mutual funds or index funds
- What is the safest and simplest method of investing
- Almost anyone can learn dividend growth investing
- The hardest part for most investors is getting over their fear of the market
- How not to panic when stock prices drop
- Do your homework before you invest in any stock
- Finding good stocks from within the TSX 60
- How to get started with investing
- How a $10,000 investment is now generating $2,000/year in dividend income and is projected to generate $30K to $100k in the future
- Compounding of dividend income is incredible, but yet most people still focus on capital growth
- When it comes to investing keep it simple
- Henry's 4 rules of investing
- When to sell
- Why diversification is not a concern for Henry even with his 12 stock portfolio
- Don't be a fan of diversification be a fan of owning quality companies
- The importance of re-investing your dividends
- How much time does investing take?
- How do you have any confidence investing in dividend stocks when dividends are not guaranteed
- Any concerns about the current economic environment?
- Henry's approach to draw down from his RRIF in retirement

Here's a list of 4 books published by Henry (available on Amazon):
1. Your Ever Growing Income (2018)
2. Your TFSA Compounder (2019)
3. Income Investing Explained (2020)
4. Salary for Life (2021)

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