Episode 41: Don't Make These Common Investing Mistakes!

Simply Investing Dividend Podcast Episode 41 - Don't Make These Common Investing Mistakes

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What if you could sidestep the common investing mistakes that plague most new investors? This episode promises to arm you with the knowledge needed to avoid such pitfalls, like buying high and selling low, or neglecting to consider investment fees. I unravel the basics of smart investing, explaining what stocks represent (ownership in a company), and the significance of dividends (your share of the company's profits).

Ever wondered why it's not always wise to buy a stock at its historical high? I also scrutinize investment fees, comparing one-time trading fees to annual fees, and breaking down how the management expense ratio (MER) can impact your investment over the long run.

I cover the following topics in this episode:
- Investing without knowledge
- Buying stocks at high prices
- Selling stocks at low prices
- Not paying attention to fees

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