Episode 78: Interview with Dividend Investor Russ Knopf

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In this episode I sit down with a dividend investor, we talk about the benefits of dividend investing, why you should get started sooner than later, and some of his picks when it comes to dividend stocks.

My guest today is Russ Knopf the creator of the website Dapper Dividends and his youtube channel of the same name. Russ served in the US Navy, and today lives near Chicago with his wife and two kids. Russ is a dividend investor so naturally we discuss dividend investing in today’s episode.

I also cover the following topics in this episode:
- How did you get interested in dividends?
- How do you select dividend stocks?
- I share my Nortel story
- Understanding the key fundamentals when it comes to investing
- What do you tell people that are still waiting to start investing?
-  Why it's better to start investing sooner
- Dividend kings and dividend aristocrats
- Concerns are about dividend reductions
- Importance of taking a long-term perspective
- What is a good number of stocks to hold?
- The high cost of fees (MERs) for mutual funds, index funds, ETFs
- Why investing isn't complicated
- What stocks are you interested in now?

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